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In the world of living in a mobile home, creating an outdoor space that looks beautiful without needing a lot of work is an art. As residents of sunny Florida, we’ve got the first “L” down — location. Now, let’s talk about the other two “Ls”: landscaping and low maintenance. Learn how to make your mobile home’s outdoor area a peaceful retreat that’s easy to take care of and brings you joy.

Flower Beds: Simple Color Boost

Boost the look of your mobile home by planting flowers and shrubs strategically. Choose hardy types like Black-eyed Susans, beach sunflowers, blazing stars, and violets that can handle Florida’s weather. These colorful blooms not only look great but also make your home more appealing.

Shrubs: Easy Greenery

Shrubs can serve as hedges, privacy screens, or borders without much effort. Pick low-maintenance options like bay laurel, holly, fire bush, and viburnum. With just a bit of pruning, these shrubs stay charming and easy to manage.

Edible Gardening: Simple and Delicious

Try a small vegetable garden for a fun DIY project. Small lots in manufactured home communities are perfect for a low-maintenance garden. Plant veggies in containers for an easy yet rewarding edible garden.

Skirting and Hardscapes: Stylish Stability

Add stairs, walkways, and patios to anchor your mobile home. Use retaining walls to hide skirting, giving a neat look and providing storage. Think about outdoor barbecues, fire pits, decks, and patios for more character.

Yard Décor: Personal Touches

Add personal touches with decorative molding, rocks, bird feeders, wishing wells, and bird baths. Small additions like flower baskets, wind chimes, and suncatchers complete the transformation.

Front Porch: Cozy Corners

Make the most of your outdoor spaces, especially the front porch or deck. Invest in comfortable seating like rockers, swings, or a small patio set. Hang flower baskets and wind chimes for a cozy, inviting vibe.

Lighting: Soft and Serene

Place solar sticks and LED string lights for a soft, ambient glow. Avoid bright lights and go for gentle lighting near outdoor furniture and shrubs.

Water Features: Tranquil Sounds

While ponds and waterfalls are calming, they also need maintenance. Check community rules and Florida Mobile Home Act compliance before adding water features.


Easy Luxury in Your Mobile Home Haven

In the heart of mobile home living, make simplicity meet sophistication in your outdoor space. With these low-maintenance landscaping tips, you can effortlessly enhance your surroundings, creating a serene haven that blends with the Florida sun. Turn your outdoor area into a peaceful sanctuary where beauty needs minimal effort and tranquility rules. 

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